Apr 12

Stock Commodity Updates with Free Trial Calls

After a superb performance on Monday, the Indian Stock Market has given a nice opening on the Tuesday Morning Session. Both the top indexes are trading with minor hikes, Sensex Live at 25102.39 with the hike of 80.23 and Nifty Live at 7693.60 with the hike of 22.20 points. Except the Taiwan & Shanghai the other Asian Market is also performing good. In Mcx Commodity Market, Gold, Silver and Lead is trading in negative zone whether all other Base Metals are up in the market. Currently, Gold Live at 29284 with the loss of 46 points, Silver Live at 37550 with the loss of 214 points and Crude Oil Live at 2676 with the hike of 10 points. In Ncdex Commodity Market, all the commodities are trading in negative zone except Soyabean, Ref soya oil and kapas contracts.

Buy BPCL above: 937.89 Targets: 945.08 – 952.78 – 960.51 Stoploss : 930.25
Buy Kapas Apr above: 782 Targets: 805 – 810 Stoploss : 770

Apr 05

Hot Stock Updates, Gold Silver Rising Up & Sensex Nifty Struggling

On Tuesday Trading Session, Indian Stock Market made a weak opening in the morning. BSE Sensex has received the loss of 355.01 points and currently trading at 25044.64. NSE Nifty has received the loss of 105.15 points and currently trading at 7653.65. Except Consumer Durable all other BSE sectors are trading in negative zone.  The Commodity Market seems improving its levels and started performing better. Presently, Gold is live at 28625 with the hike of 251 points and Silver is live at 35952 with the hike of 371 points. Other Base Metals are still struggling in negative zone.

IFCI has sold its 1.5 lakh shares in 3590 rupees per share. After this news the IFCI Stock took a small jump and currently trading at 24.95 with the hike of 1.84. Price of Petrol and Diesel has been respectively hiked by Rs. 2.19/litre and 98 Paise/litre. This price hike in Pertrol and Diesel will definitely benefit the Indian Oil Corporation. Today, the IOCL stock has received the hike of 1.37%. 

Buy IFCI above: 25 Targets: 26.25 – 27.54 – 28.87 Stoploss : 23.76
Buy IOCL above: 410.06 Targets: 414.93 – 420.03 – 425.17 Stoploss : 405.01

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Mar 29

Stock Commodity News Updates & Stock Tips

After a poor performance on Monday the Stock Market continues to stay in weak zone. With the loss of 57.05 and 9.35 points, Sensex and Nifty are respectively live at 24909.35 and 7605.75.The Commodity Market is also going through the slow phase and the Global Market also seems down. In Mcx Commodity Market, All Base Metals except Aluminium and Natural Gas are trading in negative zone. LIC has increased its partnership 7.16% to 14.37% in IDBI Bank. Up til now, IDBI Stock has received the hike of 0.5% but expected to move high today. ARSS Infra has received the worth 109 crore rupees contract for the construction. The company stocks is up by 0.60%.

Buy IDBI Bank above: 70.14 Targets: 72.21 – 74.35 – 76.52 Stoploss : 68.06
Buy ARSS Infra above: 33.06 Targets: 34.49 – 35.98 – 37.49 Stoploss : 31.64

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Mar 22

Tuesday Market Stock Tips & News Update

On Tuesday Trading Session, Stock Market opened poorly today. Sensex and Nifty both are flat on the level of 25262.76 and 7696.10 with the respective loss of 22.61 and 8.15 points. Along with the Stock Market, the wholeCommodity Market also seems moving downwards. The Government can give the 100% FDI approval in Commodity Broking. Along with this, SEBI can also allow the options trading in Commodity.

Buy MCX above: 862.89 Targets: 869.81 – 877.2 – 884.61 Stoploss : 855.56
Buy JMC Projects above: 217.56 Targets: 221.15 – 224.88 – 228.65 Stoploss : 213.89